Backstage Interview with Roxanna Aguilo

Here is the transcript:

Aidan:  Hello Roxanna! How are you?

Roxanna: Hello, I am fine.  Thank you for doing the interview with me.  I am enjoying myself; as it is my first time getting involved in a film story with her.  I have learned so much. During the weekend,  I enjoyed going  through a lot of obstacles of learning how to act and write the script. With Aidan’s help, I have learned to perfect my acting skills. For the next shooting, I will now have the ability to put Aidan’s help into use. And I know that I will do fine!

Aidan:  I do think you did a great job even though it was your first time. Oh yes, I do have high expectations. I like things to be perfect and smooth. My goal was to make sure that she goes beyond her best and delivers her message to the audience.. Yes, I have enjoyed doing that.

I would like to ask you, what would you tell people about me as a director? Can you name three things?

Roxanna: I hope you will pick Aidan as a director in the future. I admire her, and I have learned so much. She has so much experience working with people, including hearing people. She has given them so much support.. In the past, I have seen her work with my daughter in one of her films. Aidan’s interaction with my daughter was great!. I find this to be very amazing.  I was very impressed by her. I suggest in the future that you pick Aidan to be your filmmaker. Okay, now onto the next reason. Aidan has a sweet and good heart. She has a great ability to understand how to work with actors. I really do appreciate that she has those skills to support actors.

Aidan: That is so sweet of her to say that. However, she did leave one detail out. I am very strict, too. Yes, I do have high expectation of others. I work with actors to help them to understand the depth of the meaning of their lines, It is important for actors to know and understand about what is happening before, during, and after lines and to help them to express themselves in the best way. I want to push actors’ talents beyond their best and make their characters more alive and real. Yes, I am strict. This lady is such sweetheart to leave this out.

Now, with your video’s progression so far, why did you want to make this video and what was the purpose?

Roxanna: The reason I am making a film, “Self Empowerment” is based on what I have learned from my own expression in writing.  My writings are based on what I have seen experiences of so many women who suffer in relationships. It touched my heart. These experiences come from my heart, so I have decided to write it down for women in hope of increasing their feelings of empowerment, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Do not let men control us. It is time for us to overcome men’s feeling of control over women. It disheartened me to see women riding on a roller coaster of painful emotions.  I want to use this video and make men realize that what they are doing is hurtful to women.  It is similar to domestic violence. I hope we can have your support in order to stop that kind of destruction towards women by having this video to be released, and to educate and increase people’s awareness.

Aidan: Yes, I have seen in many incidents where women would always focus on their own men’s future, do anything for them, supporting them to be successful through troubling times. Yet, women forget about themselves and their own futures and dreams, and, as a result, their dreams and futures are dashed out. When men find success they just throw women out of their lives.  Women are left to pick themselves up with nothing but self-destruction and no vision.  Why? It is because they spend and invest so much time on encouraging, supporting and focusing on those men’s success. Yep, it has happened often! The most important thing of all is for women to think about themselves and their own dreams, and keep going with it. If those men cannot support our dreams and expect us to work hard for their dreams only, then those men are not right for us. It is important that those women get to see your message and realize that it is very important to start to think about ourselves.

Roxanna: Yes, Also it is very important that we are to have our own inner beauty, and the ability to love ourselves too. Let’s be brave and show them who we are. It is beautiful to do so. We need to gain the emotional confidence to be able to stand up for ourselves. Do not take those men seriously and do not let them overtake your dreams at all.  We can take hold of our own dreams. Make them feel small. We the ladies need to show them who we all are today!

Aidan: Umm, I believe that men and women are equal people, not just above others or the other way around. We all should be people with equal rights. Of course, many men have gone through this but with an understanding that there are some men that have good qualities out there. It is important to know that one, as well. We cannot expect that all men are the same. Am I right?

Roxanna: Oh yes! That is very true.

Aidan: So, I am really looking forward to releasing the video by this May! Right?

Roxanna: Yes!

Aidan: So thank you all for watching this short videotape. There will be many more to come. Did you know that we have already set up a facebook fan page, called “Self Empowerment”? I suggest you join and see how things go, and how much we have done for this film through May. Thank you for your support and watching our show! Roxanna, thank you for allowing me to interview you!

Roxanna: You are welcome!

Both: BYE!